Understanding Gambling Addiction

Drug addiction is one type of addiction and unfortunately there are many addictions and addictive behaviors which can be extremely damaging. Gambling addiction is definitely another form of addictive behavior which can result in devastating consequences for families and loved ones. This is in addition the harm it causes to the gamblers themselves.

What is 8969117237_3ca6fa687e_bgambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder which the gambler finds hard and almost impossible to control. Gamblers are unable to control the urge to gamble and may use gambling in a similar way to how a drug addict uses drugs. Gambling can be used to hide or mask feelings and unhappiness.

How do I know if someone is a gambling addict?

There are certain indicating factors which can assist you in identifying a gambling addiction. These include:

  • Gambling to recover losses
  • Borrowing money
  • The inability to stop gambling
  • Lying about gambling
  • Stealing in order to gamble
  • Obsessing with gambling
  • Gambling interfering with relationships
  • Spend more time gambling than on other activities
  • Thinking that gambling is the answer to problems
  • Turning to gambling in order to solve financial problems
  • A genuine concern from family and friend

How do people become addicted to gambling?

A gambling addiction may start off very innocently and turn into a full blown addiction. There are many illusions with gambling where people genuinely believe that they will be able to change their lives by winning a jackpot or bonus. Even gamblers who have won large sums of money continue to gamble and end up losing it all.

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