Questions About Drugs And Drug Addiction

In order to fully understand how drugs work once in your system and what exactly is drug addiction, it is going to prove worthwhile to start out with some common questions and answers on these two subjects.

Why Do People Start Taking Drugs?

People start takingdepressed-390938_960_720 drugs for many reasons and unfortunately in many cases once they start they become addicted and can’t stop. Over a period of time the drugs cause them to deteriorate both mentally, emotionally, psychologically and in many cases financially too.

Some of the many reasons why people take drugs include

  • To escape feelings.
  • In order to fit into social situations.
  • Some people just want to experiment.
  • Many people think drugs may be a solution to problems.
  • Drugs are taken to relax, to change or to feel better.
  • Peer pressure is often a reason.
  • Self medication is another reason for using.

Do Drugs Make People Feel Better?

Drugs may make people think that they feel better but in reality they are actually making them worse. Over a period of time drugs can end up causing all sorts of problems which may be completely irreversible.

What Exactly is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is when a person continuously uses and abuses drugs for a repeated period of time. The amounts of drugs taken become dangerous and the person is putting himself or herself at extreme risk. There is withdrawal symptoms which will take place should the person try to stay away from drugs. The withdrawal symptoms end up becoming so bad that the user goes back to drugs in order to feel better. The cycle gets repeated and the person becomes stuck.

Can Drugs Increase Your Creativity?

Many people seem to be under the illusion that drugs will help enhance your levels of creativity. The truth is that this is once again just an illusion. For example a painter may be able to paint more at one time or another on drugs but this does not mean that the drugs are enhancing the level of creativity. The reality is that drugs can actually destroy talent and creativity.

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