In Conclusion

This site has been created in order to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is not intended to diagnose or cure anybody and is simply available for educational purposes. It is important to understand that everyone is unique and different. This means that what may apply and work with one person may not always work with another.

Important Information

It is important to upillsnderstand that these are general principles to take into consideration. Unfortunately, when it comes to drug abuse and gambling there are many other factors that may interfere with the problem. For example mental illness and drug addiction represent a very bad combination and these situations need to be treated on an individual basis. The information on this site should never replace what doctors and medical professionals will advise.

A unified stand against drug use and abuse is of the utmost importance in this society. If people could all stand together and tackle the problem then we may actually get somewhere.

In reality drugs, drug use, gambling and addiction are costing our society resources, money, energy, stress and much more. If more people are not educated properly and preventative measures are not put in place, then unfortunately there are high risks of the problem beclming a real epidemic. The dangers for individuals, families and society are extremely high.

This site does not in any way shape or form condone the use of drugs or drug abuse. It needs to be made very clear that drugs are illegal and are against the law.

When a drug addict is using substances, do not try to reason with them as most of the time they will not listen. Instead seek help and take a zero tolerance approach.

Let’s stand together and fight united against drugs, drug policy, drug addicts, drug dealers and the effects of drugs..

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