Drug Dealing: What You Need To Know

Using and abusing drugs is dangerous enough in itself: however, many drug users turn to drug dealing. The harsh reality of the situation is that someone who starts out quite innocently experimenting with a drug at a party can end up becoming a drug dealer over a period of time.

The Results Of Drug Dealing

Drug dealing has devastating consequences for society, families and the drug dealer; these are just some of the effects:

  • Going to jail.drug-dealer-while-in-college
  • Getting involved with gangs.
  • Selling drugs to children.
  • Violence.
  • Being involved in more types of crimes.
  • Death.
  • Suicide.
  • Child abuse.
  • Homelessness.
  • Corruption.
  • Running from the law.

Why Do People Become Drug Dealers?

The primary reason why someone becomes a drug dealer is in order to make money. There are huge sums of money that can be made from a drug deal. In many cases drug users become drug dealers in order to obtain money to support their habits. For many users who are unable to work or function, selling drugs is their own option they have in order to maintain their levels of usage.

There are all sorts of drug dealings going on all over the world at any given time, ranging from selling weed to actual drug trafficking. Many drugs dealers will tell you that they don’t like what they do yet they are unable to get out of it.

Do All Drug Dealers Take Drugs?

The answer is no, not all drug dealers take drugs. Some of them, though, need to sample their product so they do inevitably take some of it. In other cases, drug dealers may have a strict policy on never using the drugs that they sell and may do it only for financial profits. There are also those drug dealers who, as mentioned, start selling drugs in order to support their habit and in this case they do take drugs every single day.